Utilities, Infrastructure, & Side Sewer Installation

Auburn's Source for Heroic Sewage & Infrastructure solutions

Norvind Infrastructure is the part of the Nordvind Company that handles side sewer installations. Auburn also relies on Nordvind for utility installs, digging, jetting, and other infrastructure work.

With loads of experience and a generous warranty, Nordvind Infrastructure is the safe choice for sewer infrastructure work and side sewer installation. Auburn, WA, and the surrounding region have turned to the Nordvind Company for expert, fairly priced sewer and infrastructure work since 1989.

Not only do we serve residential customers, but our growing list of municipal customers includes the cities of Covington, Renton, and Tacoma.

We can give expert help with:

Side sewer installation: Auburn's choice for installs and infrastructure

  • Side Sewer Installation
  • Pipe Jetting
  • Clean-out Installation
  • Rooter Services

      Municipal Utilities, Sewer & Stormwater work

      • Power & Communications
      • Water & Storm Drainage
      • Fire Hydrants
      • Water Taps
      • Road Work
      • Catch Basins
      • Storm Line Jetting
      • Sewer Line Jetting
      • Vactor Services
      • Potholing Services
      • Manhole Channeling

          Click to enlarge Dusty worker cutting a roadway with gas-powered concrete saw

          Click to enlarge Large backhoe lifting dirt from a street repair into a dump truck

          Click to enlarge Small backho digging a narrow trench in a grassy field for a new pipe