Septic Pumping, Sewer Cleaning & Environmental Services

Auburn's Source for Heroic Waste Services

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We offer a broad range of septic and sewer services, starting with side sewer cleaning and septic pumping. Auburn, WA, and South King County's trusted source for 24-hour septic and sewer service since 1989.

Environmental Services
We're also set up to tackle some of the thornier environmental challenges you might face as a homeowner, business owner, or municipality: soil clean up and hauling, demolition and abatement, oil tank decommissioning, and a host of standard cleaning and pumping services. We can help with the following:

Septic Pumping: Auburn's go-to guys for pumping, cleaning, and more

Turn to Nordvind for a full range of residential and commercial septic tank-related services. Whether you're seeking an expert assessment of your septic system or more hands-on work, we've got you covered.

  • Septic Pumping
  • Septic Inspection
  • Septic Repair
  • Pump Installation
  • Riser Installation

      Auburn Sewer Services

      We can help everyone from homeowners to municipalities with their sewer service needs.

      • Pipe Jetting
      • Side Sewer Scoping
      • Side Sewer Clean Out
      • Rooter Services
      • Clean Out Installs

          Grease Trap Services

          Auburn area restaurants rely on our grease-trap-cleaning equipment and expertise. We can help your restaurant continue to operate smoothly and safely.

          • Grease Trap Pumping
          • Grease Trap Cleaning
          • Grease Trap Maintenance

              Pond, Storm Drain, & Catch Basin Maintenance

              Working with homeowners, businesses, and municipalities, we can complete a one-time clean-out service or set up a maintenance plan to keep your catch basins and storm drains clean and performing up to specs.

              • Stormwater Maintenance
              • Storm Line Pipe Jetting
              • Vactor Services
              • Catch Basin Pumping
              • Catch Basin Cleaning
              • Storm Drain Jetting
              • Pond Pumping

                  Auburn soil clean up & hauling

                  We have the equipment, team, and industry connections to help you properly dispose of contaminated soil.

                  • Contaminated Soils
                  • Soil Excavation
                  • Soil Hauling
                  • Soil Disposal

                      Oil Tank Decommissioning in Auburn, WA, and more

                        Whether you need a tank decommissioned or removed and disposed of, Nordvind Company can turn your environmental hassle into an afterthought.

                        • Oil Tank Decommissioning
                        • Oil Tank Excavation
                        • Oil Tank & Contaminated Soils Hauling
                        • Oil Tank Disposal

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