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Nordvind septic & Sewer

conquering waste in Auburn, WA, since 1989

Sewer Service & Septic Pumping: Auburn WA

Nordvind is your source for sewer service and septic pumping in Auburn, WA. We've been conquering waste in the greater Auburn area since 1989.

The Nordvind Company Promise

We believe that honesty and prosperity can go hand in hand. We’re not here to leverage your emergency or take advantage of what you don't know. Yes, we’re in this to make a living, but we’re also in this for you, our customers. For long-term relationships built on trust. For winning by word of mouth, not by one-and-done gouging.

We will solve problems, not multiply them. We will do high-quality work that we can warranty fearlessly.

Nordvind Company's Service Areas

Not just a septic and sewer repair and maintenance company, Nordvind can also handle installations and light construction (see our Infrastructure Services) and broad range of tough-to-find environmental services like hauling contaminated soil, decommissioning oil tanks, and much more (see our environmental services).

What is the Nordvind Septic & Sewer story?

Nordvind Septic & Sewer was the brainchild of two Scandinavian brothers-in-law, Ralph and Todd. A Norse word that roughly translated means “fresh air,” Nordvind is partly a play on words, partly a business promise. Yes, solving stinky problems is what Nordvind does, but the way Nordvind treats customers is a breath of fresh air too. In 2014, Eric Peterson took over the business, maintaining the great service and affordable prices that helped the company build a loyal customer base.